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Drew Horowitz is one of the most upstanding, all round, guy still left in the world. Of couse those qualities certainly carry over in his law practice as well.

Marnie H.

- Denver, CO

Drew has been my legal council for a few years now and has helped me set up my business as well as helped incorporate several different business partners, and I couldn't be more pleased with his services. When offering advise, he's extremely thorough in looking at a situation from many different points of view and he's always able to very clearly explain to my why it is best to do something one way or another. When making long lasting legal decisions within my multi-million dollar businesses it's extremely important and vital to me that everything is done appropriately and done with a level of confidence so I can focus on the many other aspects of my business that it demands. Drew gives me that confidence to move forward knowing that I've got experience, wisdom and sound legal advise on my side. He's smart, attentive, thorough and very much appreciated.

Darren C.

- Denver, CO

Drew Horowitz is the best and easiest to understand real estate attorney I've ever worked with. His billing practices are much more fair than what I'm used to and he helped me understand new aspects of the transaction through a legal lense I hadn't previously considered. He is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry that needs it!

Dan K.

- Denver, CO

Mr. Horowitz is knowledgeable and friendly, highly recommend him for any legal advice.

David P.

- Denver, CO

Very professional and knowledgeable in business law. Should be your first choice and only choice when picking a law firm to start your small business. Drew was amazing and did an outstanding job helping me get all the licensing I needed for my first small business. This will be the only law firm I use going forward in regards to anything business, licensing, and investment related.

Michael M.

- Denver, CO